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Anyone counting carbohydrates should be prepared to work with large numbers when it comes to most baked goods. Since these foods are mainly made using flour, it follows that they generally have high carbohydrate values. To make matters worse, the carbs in baked goods tend to be rapidly digested by our system. Therefore, you can pretty much count on a spike in blood sugar after eating most baked products. This is not good for diabetics seeking to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, nor is it advisable for low carb dieters who need to avoid the release of excess insulin.

Does this mean that baked goods are off limits to dieters and diabetics? If you feel like you absolutely must have a sweet baked good from time to time, try angel food cake, which has fewer carbs relative to other kinds of cake. On the other hand, bagels should be avoided most of the time, since they pair a high carb count with a high glycemic index. The rush from a bagel will hit hard and fast.

Trying to live without baked goods is a difficult proposition because so many baked items are deliciously tempting. As with most foods, the first line of defense is portion size. If you must eat baked goods, eat small portions in moderation. By controlling the amount you eat, you can reduce your carbohydrate intake while still getting a sweet bite on occasion.

Another alternative is to reinvent your favorite baked goods in low carb versions. You can often locate an entire section of low carb offerings at your grocer. You should be able to find low carb muffin mixes and cake mixes. You can also opt for sugar substitutes instead of sugar. However, make sure you are getting products that are meant for baking. Using plain artificial sweetener in a baked recipe will not end well.

Many have found that coconut flour can be substituted for wheat or other grains in baked goods. Made from ground coconut meat, this alternative flour is rich in fiber, high in protein, yet low in digestible carbs. From the perspective of a low carb dieter or controlled diabetic, that makes this a perfect solution for continuing to enjoy baked goods without facing high sugar penalty.

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