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Measure Carbs Fibre ECC Protein
Rolls, dinner, plain, commercially prepared (includes brown-and-serve)
100g 50.40g 3.00g 47.40g 8.40g
1 roll (foot long frankfurter roll) 43.34g 2.58g 40.76g 7.22g
1 roll (hamburger, frankfurter, onion roll, bun, large roll) 21.67g 1.29g 20.38g 3.61g
1 roll (pan, dinner, or small roll) (2" square, 2" high) 14.11g 0.84g 13.27g 2.35g
1 roll (1 oz) 14.11g 0.84g 13.27g 2.35g
Rolls, dinner, egg
100g 52.00g 3.70g 48.30g 9.50g
1 oz 14.72g 1.05g 13.67g 2.69g
1 roll (2-1/2" dia) 18.20g 1.30g 16.90g 3.33g
Rolls, dinner, oat bran
100g 40.20g 4.10g 36.10g 9.50g
1 oz 11.38g 1.16g 10.22g 2.69g
1 roll 13.27g 1.35g 11.92g 3.14g
Rolls, dinner, rye
100g 53.10g 4.90g 48.20g 10.30g
1 large (approx 3-1/2" to 4" dia) 22.83g 2.11g 20.72g 4.43g
1 medium 19.12g 1.76g 17.36g 3.71g
1 small (2-3/8" dia) 14.87g 1.37g 13.50g 2.88g
Rolls, dinner, wheat
100g 46.00g 3.80g 42.20g 8.60g
1 roll (1 oz) 12.88g 1.06g 11.82g 2.41g
Rolls, dinner, whole-wheat
100g 51.10g 7.50g 43.60g 8.70g
1 roll (hamburger, frankfurter roll) 21.97g 3.23g 18.74g 3.74g
1 roll, large submarine, hoagie 68.99g 10.13g 58.86g 11.75g
1 medium (2-1/2" dia) 18.40g 2.70g 15.70g 3.13g
1 roll medium submarine, hoagie 48.03g 7.05g 40.98g 8.18g
1 roll (small submarine, hoagie roll) 33.22g 4.88g 28.34g 5.66g
1 roll (1 oz) 14.31g 2.10g 12.21g 2.44g
Rolls, french
100g 50.20g 3.20g 47.00g 8.60g
1 oz 14.21g 0.91g 13.30g 2.43g
1 roll 19.08g 1.22g 17.86g 3.27g
Rolls, hamburger or hotdog, plain
100g 49.45g 2.10g 47.35g 9.50g
1 oz 13.99g 0.59g 13.40g 2.69g
1 roll 21.26g 0.90g 20.36g 4.09g
Rolls, hamburger or hotdog, mixed-grain
100g 44.60g 3.80g 40.80g 9.60g
1 oz 12.62g 1.08g 11.54g 2.72g
1 roll 19.18g 1.63g 17.55g 4.13g
Rolls, hamburger or hotdog, reduced-calorie
100g 42.10g 6.20g 35.90g 8.30g
1 oz 11.91g 1.75g 10.16g 2.35g
1 roll 18.10g 2.67g 15.43g 3.57g
Rolls, hard (includes kaiser)
100g 52.70g 2.30g 50.40g 9.90g
1 oz 14.91g 0.65g 14.26g 2.80g
1 roll (3-1/2" dia) 30.04g 1.31g 28.73g 5.64g
Sweet rolls, cheese
100g 43.70g 1.20g 42.50g 7.10g
1 oz 12.37g 0.34g 12.03g 2.01g
1 roll 28.84g 0.79g 28.05g 4.69g
Sweet rolls, cinnamon, commercially prepared with raisins
100g 50.90g 2.40g 48.50g 6.20g
1 oz 14.40g 0.68g 13.72g 1.75g
1 large 42.25g 1.99g 40.26g 5.15g
1 roll (2-3/4" square) 30.54g 1.44g 29.10g 3.72g
Sweet rolls, cinnamon, refrigerated dough with frosting
100g 51.60g NR NR 5.00g
1 oz 14.60g NR NR 1.42g
1 roll 15.48g NR NR 1.50g
Sweet rolls, cinnamon, refrigerated dough with frosting, baked
100g 56.10g NR NR 5.40g
1 oz 15.88g NR NR 1.53g
1 roll 16.83g NR NR 1.62g
Rolls, dinner, plain, prepared from recipe, made with low fat (2%) milk
100g 53.40g 1.90g 51.50g 8.50g
1 oz 15.11g 0.54g 14.57g 2.41g
1 large roll or bun (3-1/2" dia) 22.96g 0.82g 22.14g 3.66g
1 roll (2-1/2" dia) 18.69g 0.67g 18.02g 2.98g
PILLSBURY Cinnamon Rolls with Icing, refrigerated dough
100g 54.30g NR NR 5.40g
1 serving 23.89g NR NR 2.38g
100g 50.84g 2.60g 48.24g 8.07g
1 serving 21.86g 1.12g 20.74g 3.47g

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