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Fats, Oil and Salad Dressing

Most dieters are well-acquainted with salads. These simple-to-prepare courses are pretty much a common feature of most diets. The high fibre content and low carbohydrate count of most leafy greens and other vegetables make the traditional salad an excellent choice for low-carb dieters and diabetics. However, a "dry" salad isnít necessarily very appetizing, especially on a regular, long-term basis. Thatís why most people like to add some sort of salad dressing. And that is where we start to get into carb trouble.

Even salads with their highly organic state can end up giving you additional carbohydrates when they have salad dressings. However, if you choose your dressings wisely, you should be able to add a little more flavour and interest to your salad. In addition, there are relatively healthy substitutes that you may discover you like even better.

There has always been an interesting dilemma facing low-carb dieters when it comes to salad dressings. Most of us have grown up learning that people on a diet should cut their intake of fats. However, when it comes to most low-carb diets, lowering fat consumption isnít really an issue. Weight loss is achieved by the reduction in simple carbohydrates consumed, the resulting changes that occur in blood sugar levels and metabolism of stored fat.

When purchasing prepared salad dressings, it is natural to be drawn to the low-fat varieties. However, when you compare nutritional content, you may find that low-fat dressings often have higher carb counts. The reverse is also true - normal levels of fat in dressings usually are paired with lower carb counts. The good news for low-carb dieters is that you can often add the regular, and often better tasting, version of most dressings to your salad with absolutely no negative impact on your low-carb diet.

You can always opt to skip the prepared dressings entirely and make your own. Simply combine unsaturated oils, water, vinegar and flavourings for a healthy dressing made to order. Other choices could include yogurt or cottage cheese, both of which would increase your protein intake without adding a large number of carbs.

Animal fatButter replacementButter
Butter-margarine blendCreamy dressingFat
Fish oilFlaxseed oilLard
Margarine SpreadMargarine spreadMargarine
Margarine-butter blendMargarine-like spreadMayonnaise dressing
MayonnaiseMeat drippings (lardOil
Salad dressingSalad DressingSandwich spread
Shortening breadShortening cake mixShortening confectionery
Shortening frying (heavy duty)Shortening frying (regular)Shortening household soybean (hydrogenated) and palm
Shortening industrialShorteningVegetable oil
Vegetable oil-butter spread

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