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Carbs in Dessert topping

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Measure Carbs Fibre ECC Protein
Dessert topping, powdered
oz 22.59g 0.00g 22.59g 2.11g
portion, amount to make 1 tbsp 0.68g 0.00g 0.68g 0.06g
Dessert topping, powdered, 1.5 ounce prepared with 1/2 cup milk
cup 13.22g 0.00g 13.22g 2.88g
tbsp 0.66g 0.00g 0.66g 0.14g
package yields 26.45g 0.00g 26.45g 5.76g
Dessert topping, pressurized
cup 11.25g 0.00g 11.25g 0.69g
tbsp 0.64g 0.00g 0.64g 0.04g
Dessert topping, semi solid, frozen
cup 17.29g 0.00g 17.29g 0.94g
tbsp 0.92g 0.00g 0.92g 0.05g

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