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Carbs in Cheese

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Measure Carbs Fibre ECC Protein
Cheese, blue
oz 0.66g 0.00g 0.66g 6.06g
cubic inch 0.40g 0.00g 0.40g 3.64g
cup, crumbled, not packed 3.16g 0.00g 3.16g 28.89g
Cheese, brick
cup, diced 3.68g 0.00g 3.68g 30.68g
cup, shredded 3.15g 0.00g 3.15g 26.26g
oz 0.79g 0.00g 0.79g 6.58g
cubic inch 0.47g 0.00g 0.47g 3.95g
slice (1 oz) 0.78g 0.00g 0.78g 6.51g
Cheese, brie
cup, melted 1.08g 0.00g 1.08g 49.80g
cup, sliced 0.65g 0.00g 0.65g 29.88g
oz 0.13g 0.00g 0.13g 5.87g
cubic inch 0.08g 0.00g 0.08g 3.53g
package (4.5 oz) 0.58g 0.00g 0.58g 26.56g
Cheese, camembert
cup 1.13g 0.00g 1.13g 48.71g
oz 0.13g 0.00g 0.13g 5.60g
cubic inch 0.08g 0.00g 0.08g 3.37g
wedge (1.33 oz) 0.17g 0.00g 0.17g 7.52g
Cheese, caraway
oz 0.87g 0.00g 0.87g 7.13g
Cheese, cheddar
cup, diced 1.69g 0.00g 1.69g 32.87g
cup, melted 3.12g 0.00g 3.12g 60.76g
cup, shredded 1.45g 0.00g 1.45g 28.14g
oz 0.36g 0.00g 0.36g 7.05g
cubic inch 0.22g 0.00g 0.22g 4.23g
slice (1 oz) 0.36g 0.00g 0.36g 6.97g
Cheese, cheshire
oz 1.35g 0.00g 1.35g 6.61g
Cheese, colby
cup, diced 3.39g 0.00g 3.39g 31.36g
cup, shredded 2.90g 0.00g 2.90g 26.85g
oz 0.73g 0.00g 0.73g 6.72g
cubic inch 0.44g 0.00g 0.44g 4.04g
slice (1 oz) 0.72g 0.00g 0.72g 6.65g
Cheese, cottage, creamed, large or small curd
oz 3.03g 0.00g 3.03g 14.11g
cup, large curd (not packed) 5.63g 0.00g 5.63g 26.23g
cup, small curd (not packed) 6.03g 0.00g 6.03g 28.10g
Cheese, cottage, creamed, with fruit
cup (not packed) 10.42g 0.45g 9.97g 24.16g
oz 5.21g 0.23g 4.98g 12.08g
Cheese, cottage, nonfat, uncreamed, dry, large or small curd
cup (not packed) 2.68g 0.00g 2.68g 25.04g
oz 2.09g 0.00g 2.09g 19.52g
Cheese, cottage, lowfat, 2% milkfat
cup (not packed) 8.20g 0.00g 8.20g 31.05g
oz 4.10g 0.00g 4.10g 15.53g
Cheese, cottage, lowfat, 1% milkfat
cup (not packed) 6.15g 0.00g 6.15g 28.00g
oz 3.07g 0.00g 3.07g 14.00g
Cheese, cream
cup 6.17g 0.00g 6.17g 17.52g
tbsp 0.39g 0.00g 0.39g 1.09g
tbsp, whipped 0.27g 0.00g 0.27g 0.76g
oz 0.75g 0.00g 0.75g 2.14g
cubic inch 0.43g 0.00g 0.43g 1.21g
package, small (3 oz) 2.26g 0.00g 2.26g 6.42g
Cheese, edam
oz 0.40g 0.00g 0.40g 7.07g
package (7 oz) 2.83g 0.00g 2.83g 49.48g
Cheese, feta
cup, crumbled 6.14g 0.00g 6.14g 21.32g
oz 1.16g 0.00g 1.16g 4.02g
cubic inch 0.70g 0.00g 0.70g 2.42g
wedge (1.33 oz) 1.55g 0.00g 1.55g 5.40g
Cheese, fontina
cup, diced 2.05g 0.00g 2.05g 33.79g
cup, shredded 1.67g 0.00g 1.67g 27.65g
oz 0.44g 0.00g 0.44g 7.24g
cubic inch 0.23g 0.00g 0.23g 3.84g
slice (1 oz) 0.43g 0.00g 0.43g 7.17g
package (8 oz) 3.52g 0.00g 3.52g 58.11g
Cheese, gjetost
oz 12.07g 0.00g 12.07g 2.73g
package (8 oz) 96.82g 0.00g 96.82g 21.91g
Cheese, gouda
oz 0.63g 0.00g 0.63g 7.06g
package (7 oz) 4.40g 0.00g 4.40g 49.38g
Cheese, gruyere
cup, diced 0.48g 0.00g 0.48g 39.35g
cup, shredded 0.39g 0.00g 0.39g 32.19g
oz 0.10g 0.00g 0.10g 8.44g
cubic inch 0.05g 0.00g 0.05g 4.47g
slice (1 oz) 0.10g 0.00g 0.10g 8.35g
package (6 oz) 0.61g 0.00g 0.61g 50.68g
Cheese, limburger
cup 0.66g 0.00g 0.66g 26.87g
oz 0.14g 0.00g 0.14g 5.67g
cubic inch 0.09g 0.00g 0.09g 3.61g
box 0.55g 0.00g 0.55g 22.66g
package (8 oz) 1.11g 0.00g 1.11g 45.51g
Cheese, monterey
cup, diced 0.90g 0.00g 0.90g 32.31g
cup, shredded 0.77g 0.00g 0.77g 27.66g
oz 0.19g 0.00g 0.19g 6.93g
cubic inch 0.12g 0.00g 0.12g 4.16g
slice (1 oz) 0.19g 0.00g 0.19g 6.85g
package (6 oz) 1.16g 0.00g 1.16g 41.62g
Cheese, mozzarella, whole milk
cup, shredded 2.45g 0.00g 2.45g 24.83g
oz 0.62g 0.00g 0.62g 6.27g
slices 3.72g 0.00g 3.72g 37.69g
Cheese, mozzarella, whole milk, low moisture
oz 0.70g 0.00g 0.70g 6.11g
cubic inch 0.44g 0.00g 0.44g 3.89g
Cheese, mozzarella, part skim milk
oz 0.78g 0.00g 0.78g 6.87g
Cheese, mozzarella, part skim milk, low moisture
cup, diced 5.06g 0.00g 5.06g 34.27g
cup, shredded 4.33g 0.00g 4.33g 29.33g
oz 1.08g 0.00g 1.08g 7.35g
cubic inch 0.69g 0.00g 0.69g 4.67g
slice (1 oz) 1.07g 0.00g 1.07g 7.27g
Cheese, muenster
cup, diced 1.48g 0.00g 1.48g 30.90g
cup, shredded 1.27g 0.00g 1.27g 26.45g
oz 0.32g 0.00g 0.32g 6.63g
cubic inch 0.20g 0.00g 0.20g 4.21g
slice (1 oz) 0.31g 0.00g 0.31g 6.55g
package (6 oz) 1.90g 0.00g 1.90g 39.80g
Cheese, neufchatel
oz 0.83g 0.00g 0.83g 2.82g
package (3 oz) 2.50g 0.00g 2.50g 8.47g
Cheese, parmesan, grated
cup 4.06g 0.00g 4.06g 38.46g
tbsp 0.20g 0.00g 0.20g 1.92g
oz 1.15g 0.00g 1.15g 10.88g
Cheese, parmesan, hard
oz 0.91g 0.00g 0.91g 10.12g
cubic inch 0.33g 0.00g 0.33g 3.68g
package (5 oz) 4.57g 0.00g 4.57g 50.77g
Cheese, port de salut
cup, diced 0.75g 0.00g 0.75g 31.39g
cup, shredded 0.64g 0.00g 0.64g 26.87g
oz 0.16g 0.00g 0.16g 6.73g
cubic inch 0.10g 0.00g 0.10g 4.04g
slice (1 oz) 0.16g 0.00g 0.16g 6.66g
package (6 oz) 0.97g 0.00g 0.97g 40.43g
Cheese, provolone
cup, diced 2.82g 0.00g 2.82g 33.77g
oz 0.61g 0.00g 0.61g 7.24g
cubic inch 0.36g 0.00g 0.36g 4.35g
slice (1 oz) 0.60g 0.00g 0.60g 7.16g
package (6 oz) 3.64g 0.00g 3.64g 43.49g
Cheese, ricotta, whole milk
cup 7.48g 0.00g 7.48g 27.70g
cup 3.77g 0.00g 3.77g 13.96g
Cheese, ricotta, part skim milk
cup 12.64g 0.00g 12.64g 28.02g
oz 1.45g 0.00g 1.45g 3.22g
cup 6.37g 0.00g 6.37g 14.12g
Cheese, romano
oz 1.03g 0.00g 1.03g 9.00g
package (5 oz) 5.15g 0.00g 5.15g 45.16g
Cheese, roquefort
oz 0.57g 0.00g 0.57g 6.10g
package (3 oz) 1.70g 0.00g 1.70g 18.31g
Cheese, swiss
cup, diced 7.10g 0.00g 7.10g 35.55g
cup, melted 13.13g 0.00g 13.13g 65.71g
cup, shredded 5.81g 0.00g 5.81g 29.08g
oz 1.52g 0.00g 1.52g 7.62g
cubic inch 0.81g 0.00g 0.81g 4.04g
slice (1 oz) 1.51g 0.00g 1.51g 7.54g
Cheese, tilsit
oz 0.53g 0.00g 0.53g 6.91g
package (6 oz) 3.20g 0.00g 3.20g 41.50g
Cheese, pasteurized process, american, with di sodium phosphate
cup, diced 2.24g 0.00g 2.24g 31.01g
cup, melted 3.90g 0.00g 3.90g 54.05g
cup, shredded 1.81g 0.00g 1.81g 25.03g
oz 0.45g 0.00g 0.45g 6.27g
cubic inch 0.29g 0.00g 0.29g 3.99g
slice (3/4 oz) 0.34g 0.00g 0.34g 4.65g
slice (1 oz) 0.45g 0.00g 0.45g 6.20g
Cheese, pasteurized process, pimento
cup, diced 2.42g 0.14g 2.28g 30.98g
cup, melted 4.22g 0.24g 3.98g 54.00g
cup, shredded 1.95g 0.11g 1.84g 25.01g
oz 0.49g 0.03g 0.46g 6.26g
cubic inch 0.31g 0.02g 0.29g 3.98g
slice (3/4 oz) 0.36g 0.02g 0.34g 4.65g
Cheese, pasteurized process, swiss, with di sodium phosphate
cup, diced 2.94g 0.00g 2.94g 34.62g
cup, shredded 2.37g 0.00g 2.37g 27.94g
oz 0.59g 0.00g 0.59g 7.00g
cubic inch 0.38g 0.00g 0.38g 4.45g
slice (3/4 oz) 0.44g 0.00g 0.44g 5.19g
Cheese food, cold pack, american
oz 2.35g 0.00g 2.35g 5.56g
package (8 oz) 18.89g 0.00g 18.89g 44.63g
Cheese food, pasteurized process, american, without di sodium phosphate
cup 8.85g 0.00g 8.85g 20.79g
oz 2.22g 0.00g 2.22g 5.21g
slice (3/4 oz) 1.64g 0.00g 1.64g 3.86g
package (8 oz) 17.77g 0.00g 17.77g 41.77g
Cheese food, pasteurized process, swiss
oz 1.27g 0.00g 1.27g 6.20g
package (8 oz) 10.22g 0.00g 10.22g 49.76g
Cheese spread, pasteurized process, american, without di sodium phosphate
cup, diced 12.22g 0.00g 12.22g 22.97g
cup 21.30g 0.00g 21.30g 40.04g
oz 2.47g 0.00g 2.47g 4.64g
cubic inch 1.57g 0.00g 1.57g 2.95g
jar (5 oz) 12.40g 0.00g 12.40g 23.30g
slice 2.97g 0.00g 2.97g 5.58g
slice, thin 1.22g 0.00g 1.22g 2.30g
Cheese, parmesan, shredded
tbsp 0.17g 0.00g 0.17g 1.89g
Cheese, pasteurized process, american, without di sodium phosphate
oz 0.45g 0.00g 0.45g 6.27g
cubic inch 0.29g 0.00g 0.29g 3.99g
Cheese, pasteurized process, swiss, without di sodium phosphate
oz 0.59g 0.00g 0.59g 7.00g
cubic inch 0.38g 0.00g 0.38g 4.45g
Cheese food, pasteurized process, american, with di sodium phosphate
oz 2.06g 0.00g 2.06g 5.55g
package (8 oz) 16.55g 0.00g 16.55g 44.51g
Cheese spread, pasteurized process, american, with di sodium phosphate
oz 2.47g 0.00g 2.47g 4.64g
jar (5 oz) 12.40g 0.00g 12.40g 23.30g
Cheese, goat, hard type
oz 0.61g 0.00g 0.61g 8.64g
Cheese, goat, semisoft type
oz 0.72g 0.00g 0.72g 6.11g
Cheese, goat, soft type
oz 0.25g 0.00g 0.25g 5.24g
Cheese substitute, mozzarella
cup, shredded 26.75g 0.00g 26.75g 12.96g
oz 6.70g 0.00g 6.70g 3.25g
cubic inch 4.26g 0.00g 4.26g 2.06g
slice 6.63g 0.00g 6.63g 3.21g
oz 20.12g 0.00g 20.12g 9.75g
Cheese fondue
cup 8.11g 0.00g 8.11g 30.59g
cup 4.07g 0.00g 4.07g 15.37g
Cheese sauce, prepared from recipe
cup 13.32g 0.24g 13.08g 25.10g
tbsp 1.64g 0.03g 1.61g 3.10g
Cheese, mexican, queso anejo
cup, crumbled 6.11g 0.00g 6.11g 28.30g
oz 1.31g 0.00g 1.31g 6.07g
Cheese, mexican, queso asadero
cup, diced 3.79g 0.00g 3.79g 29.83g
cup, shredded 3.24g 0.00g 3.24g 25.54g
oz 0.81g 0.00g 0.81g 6.40g
cubic inch 0.52g 0.00g 0.52g 4.07g
slice (1 oz) 0.80g 0.00g 0.80g 6.33g
Cheese, mexican, queso chihuahua
cup, diced 7.34g 0.00g 7.34g 28.46g
cup, shredded 6.28g 0.00g 6.28g 24.36g
oz 1.57g 0.00g 1.57g 6.10g
cubic inch 0.95g 0.00g 0.95g 3.67g
slice (1 oz) 1.56g 0.00g 1.56g 6.04g
Cheese, low fat, cheddar or colby
cup, diced 2.52g 0.00g 2.52g 32.14g
cup, shredded 2.16g 0.00g 2.16g 27.52g
oz 0.54g 0.00g 0.54g 6.89g
cubic inch 0.32g 0.00g 0.32g 4.14g
slice (1 oz) 0.53g 0.00g 0.53g 6.82g
Cheese, low-sodium, cheddar or colby
cup, diced 2.52g 0.00g 2.52g 32.14g
cup, shredded 2.16g 0.00g 2.16g 27.52g
oz 0.54g 0.00g 0.54g 6.89g
cubic inch 0.32g 0.00g 0.32g 4.14g
slice (1 oz) 0.53g 0.00g 0.53g 6.82g
KRAFT CHEEZ WHIZ Pasteurized Process Cheese Sauce
tbsp 3.04g 0.10g 2.94g 3.96g
KRAFT CHEEZ WHIZ LIGHT Pasteurized Process Cheese Product
tbsp 5.67g 0.07g 5.60g 5.71g
KRAFT FREE Singles American Nonfat Pasteurized Process Cheese Product
slice 2.46g 0.04g 2.42g 4.77g
KRAFT VELVEETA Pasteurized Process Cheese Spread
oz 2.74g 0.00g 2.74g 4.56g
KRAFT VELVEETA LIGHT Reduced Fat Pasteurized Process Cheese Product
oz 3.30g 0.00g 3.30g 5.49g
Imitation cheese, american or cheddar, low cholesterol
cup, shredded 1.13g 0.00g 1.13g 28.25g
cubic inch 0.18g 0.00g 0.18g 4.50g
Cheese, monterey, low fat
cup, diced 0.92g 0.00g 0.92g 37.22g
cup, shredded 0.79g 0.00g 0.79g 31.87g
cubic inch 0.12g 0.00g 0.12g 4.79g
slice (1 oz) 0.20g 0.00g 0.20g 7.90g
Cheese, pasteurized process, cheddar or american, fat-free
cubic inch 2.14g 0.00g 2.14g 3.60g
slice (3/4 oz) 2.81g 0.00g 2.81g 4.73g
Cheese, cottage, lowfat, 1% milkfat, lactose reduced
cup 7.26g 1.36g 5.90g 28.15g
Cheese, muenster, low fat
cup, shredded 3.96g 0.00g 3.96g 27.91g
cubic inch 0.63g 0.00g 0.63g 4.45g
slice 0.98g 0.00g 0.98g 6.92g
Cheese, mozzarella, nonfat
cup, shredded 3.96g 2.03g 1.93g 35.82g

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