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Carbs in Jams and preserves

Carb Counter > Sweets and Candy > Jams and preserves

Measure Carbs Fibre ECC Protein
Jams and preserves
tbsp 13.77g 0.22g 13.55g 0.07g
packet (0.5 oz) 9.64g 0.15g 9.49g 0.05g
Jams and preserves, apricot
tbsp 12.88g 0.06g 12.82g 0.14g
packet (0.5 oz) 9.02g 0.04g 8.98g 0.10g
Jams and preserves, dietetic (with sodium saccharin), any flavor
cup 120.06g 5.60g 114.46g 0.67g
tbsp 7.50g 0.35g 7.15g 0.04g

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