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Carbs in Ice creams

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Measure Carbs Fibre ECC Protein
Ice creams, vanilla, light
cup 19.51g 0.22g 19.29g 3.91g
Ice creams, vanilla, rich
cup 23.85g 0.00g 23.85g 3.75g
Ice creams, french vanilla, soft-serve
cup (4 fl oz) 19.09g 0.60g 18.49g 3.53g
Ice creams, vanilla
cup 16.99g 0.50g 16.49g 2.52g
Ice creams, vanilla, light, soft-serve
cup (4 fl oz) 19.18g 0.00g 19.18g 4.31g
Ice Creams, HEALTHY CHOICE Praline and Caramel
cup (4 fl oz) 25.00g NR NR 2.69g
Ice creams, vanilla, light, no sugar added
cup (4 fl oz) 12.29g 1.04g 11.25g 2.93g
Ice creams, chocolate
individual (3.5 fl oz) 16.36g 0.70g 15.66g 2.20g
cup (4 fl oz) 18.61g 0.79g 17.82g 2.51g
Ice creams, strawberry
individual (3.5 fl oz) 16.01g 0.52g 15.49g 1.86g
cup (4 fl oz) 18.22g 0.59g 17.63g 2.11g

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