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Carbs in Frostings

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Measure Carbs Fibre ECC Protein
Frostings, chocolate, creamy, ready-to-eat
tbsp creamy 25.91g 0.37g 25.54g 0.45g
Frostings, coconut-nut, ready-to-eat
package (16 oz) 243.94g 11.55g 232.39g 6.93g
package 20.06g 0.95g 19.11g 0.57g
Frostings, cream cheese-flavor, ready-to-eat
tbsp creamy 22.22g 0.00g 22.22g 0.03g
tbsp whipped 16.16g 0.00g 16.16g 0.02g
Frostings, vanilla, creamy, ready-to-eat
package (16 oz) 311.90g 0.46g 311.44g 0.00g
package 25.65g 0.04g 25.61g 0.00g
Frostings, chocolate, creamy, dry mix
package 356.96g 9.31g 347.65g 5.04g
Frostings, vanilla, creamy, dry mix
package 385.52g 0.41g 385.11g 1.23g
package 31.89g 0.03g 31.86g 0.10g
Frostings, white, fluffy, dry mix
package 196.44g 0.00g 196.44g 4.76g
package 16.13g 0.00g 16.13g 0.39g
Frostings, white, fluffy, dry mix, prepared with water
package yields 197.19g 0.00g 197.19g 4.73g
package 16.28g 0.00g 16.28g 0.39g
Frostings, glaze, prepared-from-recipe
recipe yield 240.35g 0.00g 240.35g 1.96g

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