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Measure Carbs Fibre ECC Protein
THE BUDGET GOURMET, Spinach au Gratin, frozen
package 11.47g 2.33g 9.14g 6.67g
serving 11.47g 2.33g 9.14g 6.67g
THE BUDGET GOURMET LIGHT & HEALTHY Beef Sirloin Salisbury Steak with Red Skinned Potatoes & Vegetables, frozen meal
package yields 33.90g 7.15g 26.75g 18.35g
serving 33.90g 7.15g 26.75g 18.35g
THE BUDGET GOURMET LIGHT French Recipe Chicken; Vegetables, Chicken Breast and Potatoes in Red Wine Sauce, frozen entree
package yields 9.18g 6.12g 3.06g 22.95g
serving 9.18g 6.12g 3.06g 22.95g
THE BUDGET GOURMET Italian Sausage Lasagna, frozen entree
package yields 39.93g 2.98g 36.95g 20.56g
serving 39.93g 2.98g 36.95g 20.56g
THE BUDGET GOURMET LIGHT & HEALTHY Teriyaki Chicken Breast with Oriental Style Vegetables, frozen entree
package yields 52.25g 4.04g 48.21g 18.66g
serving 52.25g 4.04g 48.21g 18.66g

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