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Carbs in HORMEL

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Measure Carbs Fibre ECC Protein
HORMEL, DINTY MOORE Beef Stew, canned entree
cup 16.07g 2.60g 13.47g 11.30g
package yields 28.94g 4.68g 24.26g 20.36g
serving 16.07g 2.60g 13.47g 11.30g
HORMEL Corned Beef Hash, canned entree
cup 21.88g 2.60g 19.28g 20.60g
package yields 19.75g 2.34g 17.41g 18.59g
serving 21.88g 2.60g 19.28g 20.60g
HORMEL Chili, No Beans, canned entree
cup 17.91g 3.07g 14.84g 16.99g
package yields 16.17g 2.77g 13.40g 15.34g
serving 17.91g 3.07g 14.84g 16.99g
HORMEL Turkey Chili with Beans, canned entree
cup 25.56g 6.42g 19.14g 18.72g
package yields 22.05g 5.54g 16.51g 16.15g
serving 25.56g 6.42g 19.14g 18.72g
HORMEL Chili with Beans, canned entree
cup 33.67g 8.40g 25.27g 16.57g
serving 33.67g 8.40g 25.27g 16.57g
HORMEL Vegetarian Chili with Beans, canned entree
cup 38.01g 9.88g 28.13g 11.93g
serving 38.01g 9.88g 28.13g 11.93g
HORMEL Roast Beef Hash, canned entree
cup 22.92g 3.54g 19.38g 21.31g
serving 22.92g 3.54g 19.38g 21.31g

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