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Poultry products, like most meats, have no carbohydrate content. The only carbs you will find in poultry are those added during preparation. So diabetics and low-carb dieters alike need to be alert to how a poultry dish is prepared before determining if there will be any impact on their blood sugar.

Poultry is generally considered to be quite healthy. It can be very low fat and is an excellent source of protein. The only health concerns ever connected with the consumption of poultry are normally related to whether or not it was cooked to doneness. You can ensure the quality of poultry by making sure the meat is stored at the proper temperature until it is cooked.

To improve the healthful qualities of poultry even more, stick to the lower fat white meat and opt for skinless cuts. You normally donít have to be concerned about carbs in poultry. However, some people may find the taste of poultry somewhat bland and look for recipes to spice things up a bit. When evaluating poultry recipes, just take care that you donít unintentionally add carbs to the dish.

Since diabetics can be more susceptible to risks of illness, it is important to always follow safe food handling practices when working with poultry. Raw chicken and poultry can sometimes carry salmonella. Itís especially important to avoid cross-contamination with other foods. Never use the same cutting board or knife on poultry and other foods without washing the utensils between uses.

For overall healthy eating, trim any visible fat from poultry before cooking. A good low-carb, low-fat way to add flavor to poultry is to use marinades with spices mixed into wine or soy sauce. Choose healthier cooking methods as well. Grilling, broiling, roasting and baking are all excellent ways to prepare poultry.

Although many low-carb diets donít speak much about portion control, most nutritionists recommended limiting your servings of meat to around three ounces. This would equate to about half a chicken breast, or approximately the size of a deck of playing cards.

Eggs also have no carbohydrates. Again, making eggs a healthy part of your diet will depend on preparation methods and portion size. If you are watching your cholesterol, you should avoid the yolks and eat egg whites only. All of the cholesterol in an egg is contained in the yolk.

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