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Carbs in Melons

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Measure Carbs Fibre ECC Protein
Melons, cantaloupe, raw
cup, balls 14.44g 1.59g 12.85g 1.49g
cup, cubes 13.06g 1.44g 11.62g 1.34g
cup, diced 12.73g 1.40g 11.33g 1.31g
melon, large (about 6-1/2" dia) 66.42g 7.33g 59.09g 6.84g
wedge, large (1/8 of large melon) 8.32g 0.92g 7.40g 0.86g
melon, medium (about 5" dia) 45.04g 4.97g 40.07g 4.64g
wedge, medium (1/8 of medium melon) 5.63g 0.62g 5.01g 0.58g
melon, small (about 4-1/4" dia) 35.99g 3.97g 32.02g 3.70g
wedge, small (1/8 of small melon) 4.49g 0.50g 3.99g 0.46g
cantaloupe balls 11.26g 1.24g 10.02g 1.16g
Melons, casaba, raw
cup, cubes 11.19g 1.53g 9.66g 1.89g
melon 107.91g 14.76g 93.15g 18.20g
fruit 10.79g 1.48g 9.31g 1.82g
Melons, honeydew, raw
cup, balls 16.09g 1.42g 14.67g 0.96g
cup, diced (approx 20 pieces per cup) 15.45g 1.36g 14.09g 0.92g
melon (5-1/4" dia) 90.90g 8.00g 82.90g 5.40g
melon (6" - 7" dia) 116.35g 10.24g 106.11g 6.91g
wedge (1/8 of 5-1/4" dia melon) 11.36g 1.00g 10.36g 0.68g
wedge (1/8 of 6" to 7" dia melon) 14.54g 1.28g 13.26g 0.86g
honeydew balls 12.54g 1.10g 11.44g 0.75g

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