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Carbs in Entrees

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Measure Carbs Fibre ECC Protein
Entrees, crab cake
cake 5.11g 0.24g 4.87g 11.25g
Entrees, fish fillet, battered or breaded, and fried
fillet 15.44g 0.46g 14.98g 13.34g
Entrees, pizza with cheese
pizza (12" dia) 163.68g NR NR 61.32g
slice 20.50g NR NR 7.68g
Entrees, pizza with cheese, meat, and vegetables
pizza (12" dia) 170.05g NR NR 103.93g
slice 21.29g NR NR 13.01g
Entrees, pizza with pepperoni
pizza (12" dia) 158.65g NR NR 80.85g
slice 19.87g NR NR 10.12g

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