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Carbs in Pasta

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Measure Carbs Fibre ECC Protein
Rice, white, with pasta, dry
cup 122.77g NR NR 15.27g
Rice, white, with pasta, cooked
cup 43.29g 5.05g 38.24g 5.13g
Pasta, corn, dry
cup 83.22g 11.55g 71.67g 7.83g
oz 45.18g 6.27g 38.91g 4.25g
Pasta, corn, cooked
cup 39.07g 6.72g 32.35g 3.68g
Pasta, fresh-refrigerated, plain, as purchased
oz 70.05g NR NR 14.48g
Pasta, fresh-refrigerated, plain, cooked
oz 14.21g NR NR 2.94g
Pasta, fresh-refrigerated, spinach, as purchased
oz 71.32g NR NR 14.41g
Pasta, fresh-refrigerated, spinach, cooked
oz 14.27g NR NR 2.88g
Pasta, homemade, made with egg, cooked
oz 13.42g NR NR 3.01g
Pasta, homemade, made without egg, cooked
oz 14.32g NR NR 2.49g

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