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Carbs in Fruit punch drink

Carb Counter > Beverages, Drinks > Fruit punch drink

Measure Carbs Fibre ECC Protein
Fruit punch drink, with added nutrients, canned
cup (8 fl oz) 29.69g 0.50g 29.19g 0.00g
fl oz 3.71g 0.06g 3.65g 0.00g
Fruit punch drink, frozen concentrate
fl oz 14.41g 0.14g 14.27g 0.07g
can (12 fl oz) 173.05g 1.67g 171.38g 0.84g
Fruit punch drink, frozen concentrate, prepared with water
cup (8 fl oz) 28.80g 0.25g 28.55g 0.15g
fl oz 3.60g 0.03g 3.57g 0.02g

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