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Carbs in Cocoa mix

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Measure Carbs Fibre ECC Protein
Cocoa mix, powder
serving (3 heaping tsp or 1 envelope) 23.67g 0.98g 22.69g 1.65g
Cocoa mix, powder, prepared with water
oz packet with 6 fl oz water 23.98g 1.03g 22.95g 1.67g
Cocoa mix, NESTLE, CARNATION Hot Cocoa Mix With Marshmallows
envelope 24.25g 0.50g 23.75g 1.35g
serving 24.25g 0.50g 23.75g 1.35g
Cocoa mix, no sugar added, powder
envelope Alba (.675 oz) 13.25g 1.22g 12.03g 3.06g
envelope Swiss Miss (.53 oz) 10.46g 0.96g 9.50g 2.42g
Cocoa mix, NESTLE, CARNATION Rich Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix
serving 24.24g 0.67g 23.57g 1.30g
envelope 24.24g 0.67g 23.57g 1.30g
Cocoa mix, NESTLE, CARNATION No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa Mix
envelope 8.43g 0.75g 7.68g 4.30g
serving 8.43g 0.75g 7.68g 4.30g
Cocoa mix, with aspartame, powder, prepared from item 14196
packet dry mix with 6 fl oz water 10.44g 0.96g 9.48g 2.42g
Cocoa mix, with aspartame, low calorie, powder, with added calcium phosphorus, without added sodium or vitamin A
envelope Swiss Miss (.53 oz) 8.70g 0.18g 8.52g 3.77g
packet (0.675 oz) 11.02g 0.23g 10.79g 4.77g

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